Tuesday, December 15, 2009

third anniversary (^_^)

3 years and still counting


my dear Mohammad Izzat Ibrahim

even abg pernah locked kete ms ujan pas abg duk dlm kete and syg basah di luar, i still love you
even abg pernah ckp nk ajar anak2 jln laju so mak nye akan tertggl kt belakang, i still love you
even abg selalu invisible kt ym, i still love you
even abg gelakkan syg sbb jth bilik air sbb nmpk lipas, i still love you
even you made me cried kt mid valley, i still love you
even abg selalu tanak msk uitm sbb benci ngan guard, i still love you
even kite berbual kt tepon semggu sekali jer, i still love you
even abg sgt la jauh, i still love you
owh dear
think of you each morning and dream of you each night
i love you

thanks for being sooo patient with me
thanks selalu sabar if me majuk
thanks selalu bercerita lame2 bile tepon
thanks sbb pujuk syg ms nanges kt mid tuh
thanks for all the excitements

love is what i feel for you
each and everyday
love is like a smile
love is a great emotion
that keeps us going strong
so my dear please remember when ur eyes meet mine
my eyes will say, i love you with my heart and my soul

i appreciate all you've done for me
thanks dear for all the happiness you gave me

last but not least



aQuStIk said...

oh buzzy..so sweeeet..:)

miSh x0x0(^_^) said...

sweet nye sygku baz..terharu i..mishu....

BaziLah @ buzZy (^0^) said...

che an: huhu sekali sekala jd sweet :)

paya: huhu :) miss u too


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